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April 12 – Easter Sunday Liturgy for the Polish Holy Spirit Mission was held in St. John Vianney, 13 Baldwin Lane. Mass was celebrated at the Polish Hall for the past 3 years.

April 15 – Cardinal Aloysious Ambrozic, Archbishop Toronto, issued a special Decree for the Holy Spirit Mission – Misję Ducha Świętego – for the Polish Faithful in Northern part of Archdiocese of Toronto:


Since the number of the Polish faithful has grown in the northern pastoral region of the Archdiocese and a priest has been made available, it appears appropriate to establish a quasi-parish for their pastoral care.

I herby establish a personal quasi-parish in the form of a Mission with the Care of Souls for the Catholic faithful of the Polish community to be known as HOLY SPIRIT - SWIETEGO DUCHA- MISSION.

The territory of the Mission shall be the northern pastoral region of the Archdiocese. At a time yet to be determined the mission will be converted into a territorial parish with the boundaries to be established at that time.

Every Pastor or Associate Pastor hereafter assigned to Holy Spirit Mission shall have the same rights and obligations proper to every Pastor and Associate Pastor according to the law of the Church.

Within the limits of the territory of the Mission, the Pastor by virtue of his office validly assists at the marriage not only of his subjects, but also of non-subjects, provided one or other of the parties is of the Polish community.

The Pastor of the Mission is obliged to retain all records, both civil and ecclesiastical, in his possession. The Polish faithful retain the cumulative right to attend either the local territorial parish or their local personal parish according to the norms of the common law.

Given at Toronto,

this 15th day of April 1998

Sign by Archbishop of Toronto - Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic

June 1 – O. Zygmunt Musielski, OMI, 40th Priesthood Anniversary.

August 8 – Supper for the Walking Pilgrimage to Midland. Special thanks to: Cecylia, Zenon Gostkowski, Joanna Gerber, Witold, Maria Koszyk, Ewa Knurek, Teresa Kolasa, Teresa, Franciszek Mika, Elzbieta Stolarz, Krystyna Tabisz.

October 4 – First Rosary Children Rose - Patron - Mary Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Czestochowa - gathered by Elizabeth Stolarz.

October 11 – Bishop Anthony Meagher, who is responsible for the North Region of Toronto, celebrated Mass and installed Fr. Zygmunta Musielskiego, OMI. as the first Pastor of the Holy Spirit Mission.

November 14-15 – IX Festival of Religious Songs in Mississauga, Holy Spirit Mission was represented by Jolanta Kolasa, Elzbieta Stolarz & Pawel Solarz. For the Songs: “You shall be clothed with power” and “Kobiety pochylonej” III place prize $150.00 which was given to Building Fund for our new church.


January 10 – Many Holy Spirit Mission families took part in our First Parish 'Oplatek' organized by Holy Rosary Society. Poems and song organized by Elizabeth Stolarz. Special thank to our soloist: Katarzyna, Krzysztof, Malgorzata Grzywna, Elzbieta Stolarz & Pawel Stolarz.

April 11 – After Mass we gathered for our First "Święcone" at St. John Vianney church hall. Organized by Holy Rosary and Elizabeth Stolarz.

May 9 – Children from the Polish School prepared Mother's Day after Mass.

May 16 – Fr. Zygmunt Musielksi, OMI, with the approval of Cardinal A. Ambrozic, celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation.

June 28 – Seven Altar Servers received special blessing.

July 11 – First Holy Spirit Mission Picnic at ZPwK Hwy 90.

September 26 – Special blessing for our 13 Lectors, Millennium Crosses were given to the lectors. Iwona Sucharzewska - coordinator for Lectors.

December 11 – At St. John Vianney Parish Hall Elizabeth Stolarz organized Evening of Songs with poems recitation done by children from catechism group: Natalia Knurek, Margaret Grzywna, Paul Solarz and Elizabeth Stolarz. Guest professional singers Bill Stewart and Ola Turkiewicz.


January 2 – Annual 'Oplatek' organized by Holy Rosary and coordinated by Cecylia Gostkowska & Janina Adamcewicz. Artistic program organized by Elizabeth Stolarz, Natalia, Honorata, Ewa Knurek, Bozena Guzik i Pawel Solarz.

April 8 – Elizabeth Stolarz organized Evening of Songs. We had singing groups from Scarborough, Hamilton, Burlington, and Barrie. Holy Rosary Society prepared supper for all who attended.

May 14 – 13 children had their First Communion. Teresa Kolasa prepared children for their First Confession and First Communion.

June 11 – Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation for our three young people in our Mission.

June 25 – II Parish Picnic at the Polish Hall.

July 9 – Fr. Musielski, OMI, celebrated Mass with Fr. Andrzej Maslejak from the Society of Christ Fr. Musielski informed parishioners about the Pastoral change for our Mission.

July 16 – Parishioners thank Fr. Zygmuntowi Musielskiemu, OMI, for his spiritual guidance especially for the weekly Masses for the past 4 years.

August 6 – Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa, S.Ch., celebrated his first Mass as our new pastor.

August 10 – Springwater Catholic Camp - Holy Spirit Mission prepared supper for Walking Pilgrimage to Midland. Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa and Elizabeth Stolarz prepared artistic program for this evening. Special thanks to: Erik, Ewelina, Meleni, Iwona, Marek Jaszczur, Dominika, Josephine, Elzbieta Stolarz & Pawel Solarz. Polish newspapers commented this event.

September 8 – "Town meeting" - Parishioners Meeting with our new pastor.

October 19 – Archdiocese bought the house at 261 Wessenger as a Parish Centre - Emaus for the Holy Spirit Mission use. 

October 23-31 – Many parishioners help to organize the house for the use of the church - chapel, office, and Rectory for the Pastor.

November 3 – First Celebrated Mass in the house chapel.

November 11 – Festival of Religious Songs Mississauga. Iwona, Marek Jaszczur and Elzbieta Stolarz represented Holy Spirit Mission.

December 16 – Christmas Vigil for the parishioners. 78 people participated with 16 children. Holy Rosary Society prepared supper, coordinator - Maria Koszyk. Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa prepared the program with Iwona and Marek Jaszczur.


February 28 – Ash Wednesday - Liturgy celebrated at the Catholic schools and at 5 p.m. for the Holy Spirit Mission at St. John Vianney and 7:30 at St. Mary's church in Nobleton. 

Lent 2001 – Tuesday's - Station of the Cross at St. John Vianney church. Thursday's - adults Catechism, 6-15 people participated. Friday's - Station of the Cross and Mass in Nobleton, 5-15 participated.  Lent collection for the Orphans in Łódz, Poland.

March 6 – First Meeting for choir - Iwona Jaszczur - choir coordinator.

March 14 – Holy Week at Holy Spirit Mission - Pastor of St. John Vianney did not agree to have Holy Thursday, Friday and Saturday at St. John Vianney.

March 17 – Sleigh ride for the Polish School Children at Stefana Piekos farm.

April 6 – “Mystery of the Cross” North Polonia from Nobleton organized evening of poems and songs.

April 8 – Parishioners from Wasaga Beach, Zygmunt Kowalik and wife Joanna, celebrated 40 wedding Anniversary.

April 12 – Holy Thursday – Blessing of the food at 10:30 Nobleton and Barrie 12:00 to 2:00 PM.

April 12 – Holy Thursday - 5:00 p.m. Last Supper at St. Mary's. For the washing of the feet, Fr. Stan invited Parishioners.

April 13 – 12:00 noon Holy Friday Liturgy and at 4 p.m. in Nobleton.

April 22 – Traditional “Swiecone” organized by Holy Rosary and coordinated by Cecylia Gostkowska and Janina Adamcewicz. Program prepared by Rev. Stan Poszwa and Iwon Jaszczur. Participated in the artistic program: Janina Adamcewicz, Maria Isbrandt, Iwona, Marek Jaszczur, Danuta Klimukowska, Elzbieta Stolarz, Pawel Solarz.

May 6 – Book Fair – organized by monthly magazine “Pielgrzym”.

May 10 – Known Polish Artist - Wojciech Strahl prepared logo for the Holy Spirit Mission in Barrie.

May 11 – Bp Antoni Dlugosz from Czestochowy, blessed the new logo for our community. Cross was placed in our new house chapel.

May 13 – Mother's Day. Special program from Polish School children to parents.

May 20 – 12 children celebrated First Communion.

May 26 – With the approval of Archbishop Toronto A. Ambrozic, Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation for 6 candidates.

June 1 – End of Catechumenal year. In 2000/2001, 46 children and youth participated in weekly classes. Class teachers: Elzbieta Stolarz, Teresa Kolasa and Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa.

June 2 – Vigil of Pentecost. Guest singer Jaroslaw Grzesiuk – and Maria Isbrandt, Pawel Solarz, Danuta, Lidia & Jerzy Dechnik, Józefina & Elzbieta Stolarz.

June 3 – Pentecost - Mass at Polish Hall at 1:30 and picnic after.

June 17 – Corpus Christi - after each Mass Procession in Nobleton and Barrie. Rev. Józefa Furmana from Chicago visited our Mission.

July 12 – Rev. Jaroslaw Kukowski from Warszawa visited Barrie.

July 23 – Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa as a guest speaker at the Catholic Youth Radio .

July 25 – Night of Prayer and meeting in Emaus.

July 28 – Watch and Pray Evening “Countdown 2002”in Toronto, preparation for the Word Youth Day in July 2002. Joanna Dechnik represented our Mission.

August 9 – Supper for our Walking Pilgrimage in Phelpston. Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa welcomed pilgrimage and informed about the Shrines in Quebec, Elzbieta Stolarz i Pawla Solarz coordinated the music.

August 11 – Last 14 km. Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa took part in Walking Pilgrimage to Midland. 

August 12 – Annual Polish Pilgrimage to Midland. Celebrant Bishop Józef Szamocki with other priest assist, Society of Christ represented by Rev. Józef Furman, Rev. Julian Kaczówka, Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa and seminarian Matthew Gardzinski. Around 4,5 thousand Polish Pilgrims gather this year.

August 15 – Annual Cemetery Mass at St. Mary's Barrie Cemetery celebrated by bishop Anthony Meagher.

August 25 – Vigil of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

August 31 – Decision about our new Pastor.

Pastor Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa, S.Ch. installed as new pastor in Calgary, Alberta, Rev.  Zygmunt Ostrowski, SChr. replaced him.

Rev. Zygmunt Ostrowski, SChr., had meeting with Bishop Anthony Maegher. Officialy Rev. Zygmunt Ostrowski started with Saturday Mass September 22, 2001 in the new place of Worship St. Bernadette Elementary School.

September 16 – Last Mass celebrated by Rev. Stanislaw Poszwa for the Holy Spirit Mission in Barrie. Rev. Zygmunt Ostrowski arrived this evening from Guelph.

September 17 – Rev. Stanislaw leaves for Calgary. We would like to thank Rev. Stanislaw for his dedication in our Mission.

Rev. Zygmunt visited the school principals at Joan of Arc to schedule visitation in the new school year.

September 22 – Rev. Zygmunt Ostrowski celebrated first Mass in English at 5 p.m. at St. Bernadette. Polish Holy Spirit Mission converted into a territorial Holy Spirit Parish.